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Fatherly x Airbnb: Marvelous conceived and sold one of Ad Age’s Ten Best Branded Content Partnerships of 2017 around the inspirational theme of Airbnb family travel. The effort was also #2 in Forbes' 8 Most Inspiring Pieces of Branded Content in 2017.

Fatherly produced a series of photo essays with Dad-photographers who traveled to family-friendly homes using Airbnb, and documented their experiences with their own families. 

Branded assets were distributed via Fatherly's owned channels and social, generating millions of engagements to drive awareness and favorability for a critical new business channel for Airbnb.  

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Blavity x Microsoft: Marvelous developed a relationship with Microsoft for Blavity that led to both the first major sponsorship of and Platinum-level experiential participation for Afrotech 2018 in San Francisco.

Through the partnership, Microsoft showcased & supported their leadership in corporate diversity and inclusion, and drove recruiting, engineering, cloud and other product-specific key strategies.

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Chopt Salad Co x The Gramlist: Marvelous sourced and sold a social partnership with Chopt Salad Co for The Gramlist, leveraging Instagram micro influencers to support the launch of new Chopt stores and market expansion in Q2 2018.

The Gramlist and Chopt engaged over 100 foodies, restaurant influencers and individuals influential on the topics of health and fitness to support new launches in Atlanta, D.C., and markets around the Southeast.


The program drove authentic engagement and reached millions of IG users to drive awareness and favorability around the new store launches.



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Healthy Paws x Cesar Millan: Marvelous generated and developed a partnership with Healthy Paws for Cesar's Way to introduce Cesar's 11M Facebook followers to pet insurance and drive acquisition for Healthy Paws.

Healthy Paws and Cesar posted true stories of animals and their parents, and the kinds of unexpected costs that can occur when dogs get sick, or have accidents around the home. Messaging centered on how much $ dog parents save in each instance when they are covered with a pet insurance plan, and Healthy Paws as the best most reputable provider.

The program reached an audience of passionate dog owners at scale, generated above benchmark engagement, and attractive subscriber acquisition costs for Healthy Paws. 


Nickelodeon x Motherly: Marvelous conceived and brokered a program with Nickelodeon for Motherly around #HispanicHeritageMonth, highlighting Nick Jr's Canticos content with new moms at scale.

Together with Motherly, Marvelous created custom content assets that aspirationally connected millennial women with young kids to Canticos video while promoting cultural empathy. 

Branded assets were hosted and distributed across Motherly's owned and social footprint using email, display, Instagram stories, and Facebook; driving millions of views and massively over-indexing engagement.


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